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New Web Search Pro site online!

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I have just uploaded the new Web Search Pro Search Engines website. My mains goal where to make it more user friendly, a bit faster, and less annoying (yes, the page does not completely reload anymore when you have selected a Search Engine). There are also links on the page… Read more »

Web Search Pro 2.5 Released!

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After some long nights of testing, and hard work of the babelzilla translators I have just released Web Search Pro 2.5! The new version introduces Quick Type Search to easily and quickly select your Search Engine(s) and search using just your keyboard (mouse also supported). The ability to manage your… Read more »

My Image Here – Export/Import

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I am currently working on the development of export and import routines my new My Image Here add-on. This idea was requested (first) by Georg Pichler to be able to create skins or themes for websites. You can easily select a set of replaced images in the options screen, and… Read more »

Web Search Pro 2.5 Sneak Preview

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It took me quite a while, but now it's has finally gone in the last testing stage, Web Search Pro 2.5 is almost ready! Main new features are the Quick Type Search popup, and the fully customizable Search Engine Groups. I also added export/import routines for all your settings (finally… Read more »

PONG! 2.0 Multiplayer released

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After 3 months of long nights, I have finally released PONG! 2.0 Multiplayer. Check out the screenshots here, and read more about it on the PONG! Multiplayer page.

Mozilla Firefox 1.0 Out Now!

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Sick and tired of slow browsing, popups, browser spyware, and installing patches every other day? Join me and 8 milion others, and give Mozilla Firefox a try.Download now! (Windows 1.0.7) Or Read more here…