Grocery List Generator for iPhone

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Just this morning my very first iPhone App Grocery List Generator was released in the AppStoreBelow is the full description of the app, but in short: It's better, smarter and easier to use than even my own Firefox GLG! Going out for grocery shopping? Make sure you have the GLG… Read more »

Drag & DropZones 1.5 released

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Today I finally found some spare time to finish up the work on the new Drag & DropZones release. Firefox 3.6 compatibility being the most urgent new feature, but I already had developed a lot more goodies for you all. Drag & DropZones now allows you to color each DropZone… Read more »

Leanne has her own blog now

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Haven't let you all know how our little girl is doing for a while because I made a little blog for Leanne. Since most of you only visit my website for my Firefox extensions, and since my family and friends prefer Dutch written text and larger pictures I decided that… Read more »

Happy New Year!

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I wish you all the very best for 2010. I know I already have the best, last night simply was the best new years eve ever! Elja and I just stood quietly by the incubator in which Leanne was dreaming of things yet to come, I barely even noticed any… Read more »

Birth of Leanne

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This morning at 02:03 our daughter Leanne was born. Leanne was born quite a bit early at 33 weeks and 3 days, but she is currently doing great! My girlfriend Elja is also hanging in there after the unexpectedly intense operation, but she is currently starting to feel a bit… Read more »

Unable to reply for a while

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Hi all,this is just a short message to all the users of my Firefox extensions that I will not be able to reply to your questions and suggestions for a while. Or at least not as fast as you are used to. My 32 weeks pregnant girlfriend got admitted to… Read more »

Won in the Extend Firefox Contest!

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I just got the official news that Grocery List Generator 2.0 won the Extend Firefox Contest! The new release which includes features like automated import of recipes from and, prices for items and automatic calculation of the total costs of your groceries, and finally a better way to… Read more »

FabTabs update version 1.3.4

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Just a collection of a couple of small fixes and tweaks. Most noticeable new things are that all the settings will now be instantly applied so you can see the results while tweaking them. Using the new button to restore the default settings you can quickly reset all your less… Read more »

Kongregate Sidebar Update 1.5

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A major update again people. With the help of Andrew from Kongregate I was finally able to drop the long and processor intensive screen scraping routines for badges and replace it with consuming the brand new JSON feed. 2 cool side effects for the JSON feeds are that they also… Read more »

FabTabs update version 1.3

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What was I thinking, making an extension where not every single bit was fully customizable! So I have just released yet another update with even more options, all packed nicely together in a brand new options window with icons from my mate LX. The new settings include hiding the new… Read more »