Rebuilding our new home (part 2)

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Day 2 of the biggest project I ever did! And boy do I feel lucky to have 2 lovely older sisters! (Who both got maried with very handy guys). More wallpaper scraping, and the first things get build up again.

Rebuilding our new home (part 1)

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Today was the first real day we started working on the renewing/updating/rebuilding/renovation of our new home on the Perengaard in Doorn. Today was mostly breaking stuff down, like tiles, walls, and toilets. Quite tired right now, and did not have a lot of artistic inspiration today, so just a few… Read more »

Apartment For Sale

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This spacious 4 room corner apartment, on the first floor at the end of the archway lies in the “Wildbaan” quarter (Driebergen, The Netherlands) above the small shopping centre “De Sluis”. The apartment is in good state of maintenance, and completely fitted with double glazed windows, and has pinewood floors… Read more »

Aika goes to the forest

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Today we went to the forest again, and this time I did not foget to bring my camera. And boy does he love to run around free, and dig holes. Enjoy the pix!

We have just got a doggy!

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This afternoon we went to some shelters to find us a dog (which I already wanted for about a year…). In the 3th and last shelter we visited we met Aika (or did Aika meet us?). He is a mix of at least a Jack Russell Terrier and a Fox… Read more »

PONG! 2.0 Multiplayer released

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After 3 months of long nights, I have finally released PONG! 2.0 Multiplayer. Check out the screenshots here, and read more about it on the PONG! Multiplayer page.

Holiday in Scotland

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Last night we came back from a wonderfull holiday in Scotland. We drove around the west in my car for about 10 days, and saw lots and lots of beautifull things. Enjoy the pix! And just send me an e-mail if you want one of the pix in it’s original… Read more »

DEV 3 – End of season party!

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Yesterday was our “End of season” party. And it still hurts… Nothing more from me now, so just check the pictures.

Lost by 1 point again…

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Today we met Jonathan 6, who are positioned 2 places higher on the rankings. But nevertheless we (some of us…) fought for victory. It was exciting at some points, but as we did many times before, we “gave” the match away, and lost 3-4.

Match Dalto – DEV (6-1 and 1 broken leg)

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Today whe played a terrible match in terrible weather. Ernst-Jan broke his leg in the first half, and we lost 6-1. Get well soon Ernst! And we hope to get some nice x-ray pictures of you up here as well.