Grocery List Generator website

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Two weeks ago I decided to register a domain name and finally start developing a website where you can all share your Grocery List Generator recipes with the world. It did not take me long to decide that would be the perfect name, so that”s the one I registered without even having clear ideas yet of how it would look and feel. The ideas for a GLG recipe website have been in my and a lot of your heads for quite a long time already, but until recently I could not find the time and spirit to start building it. At least in the beginning the website will be quite simple, you will be able to browse through the recently submitted recipes, or search the entire recipe database for your favorite ingredient. When you have found a recipe you like you can add it to your GLG by a single click using an Add to my Grocery List Generator button. The GLG itself will also be modified so you can export your recipes to the website, again just by a single click. Enjoy looking at the preview site, and I will keep you all posted about the progress.