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Leanne has her own blog now

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Haven't let you all know how our little girl is doing for a while because I made a little blog for Leanne. Since most of you only visit my website for my Firefox extensions, and since my family and friends prefer Dutch written text and larger pictures I decided that… Read more »

Happy New Year!

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I wish you all the very best for 2010. I know I already have the best, last night simply was the best new years eve ever! Elja and I just stood quietly by the incubator in which Leanne was dreaming of things yet to come, I barely even noticed any… Read more »

Birth of Leanne

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This morning at 02:03 our daughter Leanne was born. Leanne was born quite a bit early at 33 weeks and 3 days, but she is currently doing great! My girlfriend Elja is also hanging in there after the unexpectedly intense operation, but she is currently starting to feel a bit… Read more »

Unable to reply for a while

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Hi all,this is just a short message to all the users of my Firefox extensions that I will not be able to reply to your questions and suggestions for a while. Or at least not as fast as you are used to. My 32 weeks pregnant girlfriend got admitted to… Read more »

OMG There’s a new Monkey Island series!

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I wanna be a pirate! Shocked I was when this morning I read about a new release of my childhood favorite game series Monkey Island. In the past 9 years since the last release, Escape from Monkey Island, I have checked the Lucas Arts about 4 times a year to… Read more »

Fancy a free picture quiz mate?

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Then you just have got to check out the brand new picture quiz website by my mate LX. About 6 months ago I already informed you all about the collection of 73 picture quizzes on his personal website, but take a look again, he and his crazy mate Jzt currently… Read more »

Quit Smoking

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Last Monday my girlfriend and I quit smoking again, and that is also the reason why you all have not seen a lot of me online these past few days. I say again because I already quit smoking 2 years ago, but then I gave up the minute we started… Read more »

Holiday on Ameland

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Already more then a month a go my girlfriend, our doggy and I went on a little holiday to Ameland. I had lost the cable to my digital camera, so I was unable to upload the pictures before. Ameland is a small island on the north coast of The Netherlands… Read more »

Free Picture Quizzes on

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My mate LX and his friend Joozt have been quite busy lately creating a lot (78 at the moment) picture quizzes. They are both quite fanatical participants in the Murphy's Quiz Night held in Flannagan's pub, they even became 23rd in the World Championship 2007 with their team 030. Check… Read more »

Rebuilding our new home (part 7)

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Aw man, I am really going to be babysitting a lot the next couple of years! Cause boy do my 2 brothers in law work hard and often! But I'm glad to see they are (or should I say where?) enjoying it too. It's very nice to see that everything… Read more »