OMG There’s a new Monkey Island series!

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I wanna be a pirate!

Shocked I was when this morning I read about a new release of my childhood favorite game series Monkey Island. In the past 9 years since the last release, Escape from Monkey Island, I have checked the Lucas Arts about 4 times a year to see if there was any news regarding Monkey Island. This morning was that time again, and to my undescribable surprise, I saw a new Guybrush Threepwood image on the front page. Part 1 of the surprise is that Lucas Arts is doing a remake of the original Secret of Monkey Island adventure with updated HD graphics and updated audio. But the biggest surprise came from Telltale Games, cause they are currently developing a brand new 5 chapters counting series of Monkey Island labeled “Tales of Monkey Island”, the first episode “Launch of the Screaming Narwhal” has already been released, and the next chapters will be released monthly. Though I will most definitely, I have not yet actually purchased and played the game, but by the looks of the screenshots and videos I have seen, it still has that lovely feel, will update this once I have played it later tonight! Oh, and the entire series of 5 games is available on Telltale Games for just under $35, not bad I think, again I will write a bit more definitely when I have actually played it.

Today, by myself, twelve people I have beaten.
By the size of your gut, I'd guess they were eaten.

Update: So I have just bought the game and played it for an hour or so, the into movie instantly brought a big smile full of nostalgic memories to my face. The controls however are just plain godawful… They have dropped the point and click to move mechanism and replaced it with a choice of either WSAD or some weird click and drag in the direction you want to go interface, both of them with a fixed 3D camera viewpoint. Not satisfying at all I must say… But the dialogs, the scenery and everything else just breathes Monkey Island so well, that I think I can overcome this failure. Back to playing now, I want to see what mysterious spell has caused Guybrush’s hand to turn green, and will he get Elaine back this time?