Monthly Archives: May 2007

Web Search Pro 2.6.1 Released

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I have just uploaded version 2.6.1 to the WSPro frontpage and the Mozilla Add-ons website. No real new things this update, mostly bugfixes, especially if you use Firefox 1.5 (or earlier) you should install this update. Other things are that you no longer have to select a word to do… Read more »

Download PONG! Multiplayer server

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Since I could no longer host the PONG! Multiplayer server 24/7 myself, I decided to release the server application to the world so you can all host your own PONG! Multiplayer party! The multiplayer server is a small application written in Delphi7 with the use of Indy for the socket… Read more »

Grocery List Generator 1.5 released!

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It has been a while since the last update, but then again, what's to update in a simple yet great working little grocery list generator. So what has changed? Well, after reading numerous posts on blogs that it looks a bit too “old”, I decided to give it a little… Read more »

PONG! Multiplayer server offline

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You may all already have noticed, but last week I made a bug decision, take my own web server offline, and get my websites hosted my a professional hosting company. The hardest thing about this was that the PONG! Multiplayer Server is a Win32 application, so that could no longer… Read more »