Download PONG! Multiplayer server

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Since I could no longer host the PONG! Multiplayer server 24/7 myself, I decided to release the server application to the world so you can all host your own PONG! Multiplayer party! The multiplayer server is a small application written in Delphi7 with the use of Indy for the socket connection. Since I currently only have Windows, I have only compiled a Win32 version, but I guess that if you have Kylix you could easily compile it for Linux as well. To host the Multiplayer server all you need to do is start the application, in the PONG! add-on (version 2.2.4 and later) you change the hostname to your server's hostname/ipaddress, and game on! If you have any questions, just post them on my forum
PongMPServer.exe (531KB) PongMPServer Delphi7 source code (64KB)
Update: I just received a confirmation from Dmitri (contributor on that the Multiplayer server also works fine on Wine! (tested on Ubuntu 7.04 and PCLinuxOS 2007)