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FabTabs update version 1.2

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Thanks all for the feedback on my tab coloring extension, I do my best to update/tweak the extension to fit all of your wishes. This update includes a couple of new settings, as well as a feature that what just missing since the previous release. The new settings allow you… Read more »

FabTabs! update version 1.1

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I have just released an update for FabTabs, my latest fabulous tab coloring extension. Along with a caching mechanism to allow tabs to be colored even faster when you open a tab for the second time, this version now includes a setting that allows you to only color the active… Read more »

OMG There’s a new Monkey Island series!

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I wanna be a pirate! Shocked I was when this morning I read about a new release of my childhood favorite game series Monkey Island. In the past 9 years since the last release, Escape from Monkey Island, I have checked the Lucas Arts about 4 times a year to… Read more »

FabTabs! New extension released!

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Make your Firefox tabs look fabulous!FabTabs is kind of an experimental extension for now that will color your Firefox Tabs in a way you have never seen before. By taking a small screenshot of the website you are currently viewing, and calculating the most commonly used color from that screenshot,… Read more »

Lots of updates!

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Got quite the shock this morning when I saw that Mozilla had already released Firefox 3.5. Because of my little holiday, and 2 large projects I am working on, I have completely missed the 2 release candidates which I usually use as an indicator to calmly start releasing all my… Read more »