FabTabs update version 1.2

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Thanks all for the feedback on my tab coloring extension, I do my best to update/tweak the extension to fit all of your wishes. This update includes a couple of new settings, as well as a feature that what just missing since the previous release. The new settings allow you to change the opacity of all tabs with a separate setting to allow you to set a different opacity on the active tab. Also new is a switch to remove the, mostly gradient, background image on the tabs to give it a nice flat look as opposed to the smooth current look, you decide! The missing feature was a result of the adding of a caching mechanism, cause wherever you cache data, you will always at some point find the need to clear this cache. So in the context menu of the tab box (when you right click somewhere on or near the tabs) I have added 2 items that allow you to recalculate the color for the active or for all tabs.