Lots of updates!

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Got quite the shock this morning when I saw that Mozilla had already released Firefox 3.5. Because of my little holiday, and 2 large projects I am working on, I have completely missed the 2 release candidates which I usually use as an indicator to calmly start releasing all my compatibility updates. When I woke up this morning, the first thing I saw was a couple of Firefox 3.5 posts on my forum, next my mail starts flooding update requests, and finally I got my Firefox message asking me to download and install the brand new and fast 3.5 release. Now, just back from work, I quickly started updating the 5 extensions, Copy Link Name, Drag & DropZones, Open Link Host, Quick Locale Switcher and PONG! Multiplayer, that where still 3.5beta compatible, and testing them on my fresh installation. Fortunately nothing weird showed up so in the end it wasn't all that dramatic, just a day too late. Please note that the updates might take a while to get reviewed by Mozilla, the queue was currently at 180 pending updates. So if you can’t wait, just install them from my website (and I know you all can’t wait!).

Sorry about the delay, and thanks all for keeping me focused 😉