PONG! Multiplayer server offline

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You may all already have noticed, but last week I made a bug decision, take my own web server offline, and get my websites hosted my a professional hosting company. The hardest thing about this was that the PONG! Multiplayer Server is a Win32 application, so that could no longer run on the new host. I will however run the PONG! Multiplayer server on my desktop each time I am online (which is about 10 hours a day…), so you can still play sometimes. I have just released an update to AMO that will automatically point PONG! Multiplayer to the new addres (pong.captaincaveman.nl), but if you can't wait, feel free to edit the extensions.pong.mphost preference yourself.
ps. If someone has a Windows (or Linux and knows Kylix) server with a couple of MB available to run the PONG! Multiplayer server on, please contact me.