Holiday on Ameland

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Already more then a month a go my girlfriend, our doggy and I went on a little holiday to Ameland. I had lost the cable to my digital camera, so I was unable to upload the pictures before. Ameland is a small island on the north coast of The Netherlands which mainly consist of dunes and just a couple of small towns. We stayed in a qute cottage directly adjacent to a national park the “Jan Roepeheide”, a guaranteed location for a relaxing holiday. We had a lovely time over there walking allong the sea and through the dunes each day. Well not excactly every day, cause after about 4 days my untrained sit behind my computer desk all day feet where killing. And walking all those miles with my not meant for walking cheap sneakers did not help with that… Ah well, luckiliy for me I brought along my gameboy, and after a day of rest, my feet where quite ok again. Regardless of that, we really had a good time, the weather was ok, and after rebuilding our entire home last year we really needed to get away together for some time. The pictures I took are, of course, almost all of our qute little doggy Aika, enjoy looking at him play on the beach.