Web Search Pro 2.7 Released!

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I just released the new version of my personal favorite Firefox add-on Web Search Pro, version 2.7 includes a couple of nice new features, some features have been upgraded, and a couple of quite nasty bugs have finally been fixed.

One of the new features is that you can now choose a default Search Engine, after each search Web Search Pro will switch back to this Search Engine. You can select 1 of the Search Engines from your list, the last one used, or prevent Web Search Pro from automatically switching at all by selecting the “Don’t switch back” option.
Another new option was created because I read quite a few comments from doubting Web Search Pro wannabe users, who did not want to install Web Search Pro simply because of the fact that it offers so many ways to search the web. This release allows these users to completely hide every single Web Search Pro feature they do not wish to use, so they can relax and fully concentrate on that 1 brilliant feature they personally favored so much.

The biggest upgrade in this release, and one where a lot of people have been waiting for for quite a long time, is that you can now assign a maximum of 64 Drag & DropZones. The Drag & DropZones setup box has been divided into 3 areas, marked by a red dotted line, to indicate the use of 16, 36 or 64 Drag & DropZones. All you have to do is assign your Drag & DropZones within the red dotted line, and Web Search Pro will automatically use the minimum number of zones in the actual grid that you use when searching. If your monitor has a smaller resolution like 1024×768 I would recommend using 16 or max. 32 Drag & DropZones, if you have a bigger display, the you could go for the huge amount of 64 smaller DropZones.

Though I had at first not expected this to be one that would be noticed a lot, over the past couple of weeks I have been flooded with e-mails and posts about the big bad “Reordering my Search Engines causes the favicon to disappear!” bug. So I am quite relieved that I can now tell you all that this nasty bug has been fixed. And even better news is that just a couple of hours before the release I managed to find a way to repair these broken favicons, so you will not need to remove and reselect the Search Engines of which the icon is broken.

I really hope you all like the way this add-on is evolving, I know I do, and I know for sure that I will keep on doing my best to let Web Search Pro become the number 1 Firefox web searching add-on! (Or at least I will have fun trying) Enjoy searching the web everyone!