Grocery List Generator + Website Launched

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Finally I dared to release the brand new Grocery List Generator and her new website after I had postponed it more then a month ago. And to be honest, I am really pleased with how it turned out. Some of the new features in this release are:
The possibility to publish and import recipes to and from the website. By a single click on the “Publish recipe” button in the generated recipe window you publish your recipe under you personal nickname to the new website. Once published you can always make changes to it by simply publishing it again. On the website you can browse a list of recently added recipes, or search for ingredients, once you found a recipe you like it will be added to your Grocery List Generator by a single click, ready to use in your next grocery list.
A picture of your recipe, mostly just to show off your cooking skills, but it also just looks nicer on the recipe website.
Quantity descriptions for recipes, finally! This one has been request a lot over the past 2 years but never made it in cause I just wanted to keep it simple. Now that the idea has changed somewhat cause the GLG has also been made suitable for recipes, adding quantity descriptions like 1 tablespoon, or 250 gram became a must.
New and restyled layout, LX and I have spend many hours updating all icons and trying to figure out what a better layout could be. Apart from the new icons the main difference is that adding an item to a dish has been made more easy to understand by implementing it on a separate popup window instead of trying to squeeze it all in a tiny space.
That all put together I must say that I am getting more and more proud of what this add-on has become, it's still an easy to use grocery list generator, but with the addition of the recipe sharing website I think it might just become a smash hit.

Read more and install the GLG: