Quick Locale Switcher 1.6.5

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It is sometimes quite scary to release a new version you have been working on for quite some time, but I had to do it some day, so here it is. The main goal for this update was to make the Quick Locale Switcher a bit more user friendly. Since the QLS was created based on the needs of developers and translators, it still had a bit of a hacking tool feeling to it. Though I can not say that that has entirely gone now, I did change some things that where just unexplainable. One thing for example is that you can now switch just 2 settings, either User Interface or Content which is the website content and the spell checker dictionary. If you are a developer/translator then you will most likely only be switching the user interface of your Mozilla application, and if your a multilingual surfer, or correspond with people in different languages then you will probably only switch the content language. Both of them now have a separate color, orange like Firefox is for the user interface and blue like the web is for content, so you can easily see which setting is set to which language. Other new features are automatic TLD (Top Level Domain) switching, so switching based on .nl, .co.uk, etc., and restoring your browsing session after the QLS had to restart it. And while I was rechecking all these features for the seventh time, I also managed to make it compatible with Firefox 3, which was quite a job on it's own. Thanks all for your support, and enjoy switching!