Grocery List Generator ready for Firefox 3.1

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Almost done updating all of my extensions for compatibility with the upcoming Firefox 3.1 release. I just submitted version 1.6.2 of the Grocery List Generator to AMO for review. Perhaps even more important, this version fixes a bug in the conversion routines of the GLG. Over the past years I have sometimes changes the format of the GLG database files, added a picture here, and some comments there, and in order for the GLG to automatically update all of your existing recipe databases, I implemented conversion routines. Unfortunately I apparently did not cover all my angles, cause is some scenarios moving your already up to date database to a new GLG installation, for example when you had installed a new PC, your data files could get corrupted which led to quite a few panic mails in my inbox. Fortunately that has all been fixed now, and most of those corrupted databases where rescued as well.