Grocery List Generator + Website postponed

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The thought of releasing the new Grocery List Generator with the recipe website has been keeping me up the past few nights. The thing is that, though the idea already is quite lovely, and better then no place at all to share your recipes, the Grocery List Generator currently just is not good enough as a recipe tool. From the beginning, the GLG was meant to be an easy way to store your dishes, to be able to easily print a grocery list, in which it is great. But for a recipe, and especially a recipe that should instantly be useful for each and every GLG user in the world, it still misses some things. So I finally decided to continue developing on it a bit more, and go for a more suitable solution, then to just release it for the sake of releasing a new version. At first I was thinking I could just get away with this solution for the first month, and then release another update, but that just is not me, I could not do that. So though I know some of you will be disappointed, I will have to ask you to wait a bit longer, I think it will be worth the wait.