Drag & DropZone Searching released

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As requested by many I created an individual Firefox add-on for Web Search Pro's most innovative feature: Drag & DropZone Searching. Drag & DropZones is a stylish transparent grid that will overlay the website you are currently viewing when you drag text on that site. The grid is populated with up to 64 DropZones to which you can assign your Firefox Search Engines, when you drop the text or link you where dragging onto one of these zones, your search will be executed the way you are used to. Setting up your Drag & DropZones is easy, when you run the add-on for the very first time all your Search Engines will be automatically assigned to a DropZone. After that you can manually edit them in the Search Engine Manager using Drag & Drop of course. Just give it a try, I think you might be quite amazed at how easy searching the internet can be.