Web Search Pro 2.8 Released!

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A new version of Firefox deserves a new version of Web Search Pro, so along with some compatibility fixes I finally took some time to also add some new features once again (it has been a while, I know).
Often requested, never gotten to it: Search Engine Group keyboard shortcuts, search the entire web all at once with just one keyboard combo.
Basic usage statistics, always been wondering which Search Engines you where using the most? Now you can, after using version 2.8 for a while some Search Engines in the settings window will display lighter, and some darker, the darker the more you have used it, the tooltip shows you more detailed info.
Tired of waiting for days until I finally approved your Search Engine suggestion? You don't need to anymore, in this release you can simply add a Search Engine as Private SE with one click in the context menu.
And last but not least, a new and even faster way to search the web, when you search for text on a page, using CTRL + F or using the start searching when I start typing feature of Firefox, you can now hit SHIFT + ENTER and WSPro will search for that text using the currently selected Search Engine.
That is about it for the major features, check out the version history for all changes and fixes.

I hope you all find what you where looking for! *wink*wink*