Drag & DropZones 1.5 released

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Today I finally found some spare time to finish up the work on the new Drag & DropZones release. Firefox 3.6 compatibility being the most urgent new feature, but I already had developed a lot more goodies for you all. Drag & DropZones now allows you to color each DropZone in a different color so you can group e.g. all your Search Engines in 1 color, all link dragging actions in another and all image action in yet another color. Drag & DropZones can now also replace your context menu completely, just right click on anything and your DropZones will appear (you can of course also switch this off again). CTRL + SHIFT clicking on something will also activate the DropZones, and right clicking or hitting ESC will now cancel all operations. I have expanded the maximum number of DropZones to a hundred, and along with that you can now choose whether you want a fixed size grid or let the extension determine the minimum size itself. I hope it all was worth waiting for!