Grocery List Generator for iPhone

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Just this morning my very first iPhone App Grocery List Generator was released in the AppStore
Below is the full description of the app, but in short: It's better, smarter and easier to use than even my own Firefox GLG!

Going out for grocery shopping? Make sure you have the GLG app on your device and you’ll be well-prepared! The GLG helps organise your recipes and create a tidy and complete shopping list. Enter your own recipes including all the necessary ingredients. And yes, there’s room for your toothpaste and laundry detergent as well. Determine your own aisle mapping to create a shopping list optimised for your own grocery store. You might have never imagined it, but grocery shopping can be easy and fun!

The main GLG features

  • Enter your recipes including commentary, ingredients and quantities
  • Add a picture to your recipe
  • Add recipe ingredients and other groceries to the extensive built-in items list
  • Sort aisles to suit your supermarket aisle mapping
  • Simply tap a recipe from the list to add all ingredients to your shopping list
  • Complete your shopping list by adding non recipe related items
  • Your shopping list is automatically sorted, based on your own aisle mapping
  • While shopping tap items to move them to your “In my cart” list
  • Send your grocery list by email
  • Share your recipes with friends

Advanced GLG features

  • Search recipes and ingredients by keyword
  • Separate non-food items from recipe ingredients
  • Create a stock item if you want to only manually add it to your shopping list