Grocery List Generator for iPhone and iPad updated

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Version 1.2 of my Grocery App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch has just been approved by Apple. To read all the details about the update, and to watch videos of the grocery app in action visit the GLG App website or go directly to the App Store to get it now.

What’s New in Version 1.2

New features
– Full iPad support.
– Share a recipe with friends using email, Twitter or link- Send your grocery list to a friend.
– Friends can add your recipe or grocery list to their GLG app.
– Merge two aisles into one to easily combine all their items.

Bug fixes
– The recipe search tool also checks the recipe description.
– All screens switch between portrait and landscape orientation.
– The recipes tab is fitted with an index.
– Focus is automatically set to aisle name in the aisle’s detail screen.