End of life for my Firefox extensions

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This is the most difficult public announcement I have had to make in a long long time, but this is it people, I am quitting my life as a Firefox extension developer.

I have had the best time developing new things and working closely with the Mozilla community to improve my 10 (!) extensions. But it has been well over 7 years now and it is time for something new. Most of you had already noticed that I was already slowing down on development, and even officially stopped support on some of my extensions. But even inactively maintaining my current 6 extensions is sort of holding me back from really going forward and start doing new things. So it’s time to start shutting things down. Extensions you have currently installed will keep on working as long as Firefox does not change too much. But services around my extension such as my forum or the Web Search Pro search engines pages will be closed sometime in the near future (within a year or so). For Web Search Pro users, mycroft has a huge amount of search engines for you and wont likely close.

In case someone is interested, either from loving my work or purely from a business point of view, in taking over my work you can mail me at extensions[at]captaincaveman.nl. I have made the statistics of all of my extensions on AMO publicly so you can assess what you will be getting yourself into, or to get an estimate of possible revenue. Small note on those statistics is that they have of course all dropped quite a bit, not actively developing new things and releasing updates does that to your download statistics.

Well, I guess that’s it for now, and perhaps forever. I would like to thank all of you for 7 years of kindness and huge appreciation for the things I made, nowhere else have I ever seen a community so kind and close connected to the developers of the open source stuff they wanted.

Love you guys!